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  1. Ask all (yes, each and every one) dependents on your tax return to NOT FILE until the primary taxpayer has fully accomplished their tax return filing for tax year 2015.
  2. Collect all dependent's income whereby your tax preparer can determine the entire household's income for tax year 2015, up to and including non-taxable income(s) as well as all earnings,   Knowing all household income is essential in accurately  calculating the federal medical insurance subsidies (if any) and/or the "shared responsibility payments" on primary taxpayers' individual 2015 tax returns. 
  3. Have your federal medical insurance certificates and documents from the medical insurance carrier(s) with you at your first tax preparation appointment for best results and to minimize your tax preparation fees as well as lowering the likelihood of IRS intervention (letters, notices, penalties, etc.).
  4. Advise all your dependents that if they file their own tax returns before the primary taxpayer files theirs they will most likely face (1) a $95 fee for my amending their already filed tax return for 2015, and (2) they may face various penalties from IRS if they "screw up" their medical insurance coverage information with either the medical insurance carrier and/or the IRS itself. 
  5. Make certain that both your medical insurance carriers and the IRS can always match entire names (first, middle and last, just as they appear on the most-recent Social Security Administration records) , mailing addresses, all the various dates of birth, social security numbers and incomes.   If your income changes, or your marital status changes, or the number of dependents changes, or even  if you change medical insurance carriers, make dead certain you keep all the documents in chronological order to insure that we don't miss any vital information.


  • If YOU ARE RETIRING IN 2015 or A SENIOR INDIVIDUAL concerned with your social security benefits being taxed you need to schedule an appointment with me to discuss your short-term and long-term income-producing and wealth-retention efforts.    Sometimes the best thing you can do (especially when a government is into a "confiscation mode" of private wealth) is to start a for-profit business and use the funds available in things like 401(k), IRAs, and non--or-low-income-producing investments (like CDs, savings accounts, stocks, etc.) that don't come close to the 9% annual yield of return on investment (the true rate of inflation when housing, food and transportation is included in real life calculations runs around 9% in Florida), your wealth can be better- protected, IMHO,  under your watchful eyes rather than those of strangers (bankers, brokers, government tax authorities, etc.).
  • WATCH FOR VERY NEGATIVE FINANCIAL EVENTS TO OCCUR IN LATE OCTOBER 2015.   Things are happening with the IMF (International Money Fund), a conglomerate of central banks in the world, beginning around October 20th 2015 that will impact negatively on your investments held in the hands of others besides yourself, and I don't see  the U.S. Congress doing much at all about it.   There is an excellent chance that the U.S. "greenback" dollar will decrease by 15% or more in "spending value" when the Chinese yuan becomes the strongest new world-wide "reserve" currency (China has most of all the gold and silver these days) and the Chinese yuan together with other nations precious-metals backed collective currencies  replaces the U.S. "petro-dollar"/"world reserve currency" status our nation has enjoyed since shortly after WWII.  
  • PERSONALLY, WHILE I AM CERTAINLY NOT A "FINANCIAL PLANNER", my most-trusted sources in Washington D.C. and elsewhere in the U.S.A. (plus a few overseas) tell me we will soon see a whole new financial reckoning for those Americans who foolishly own dollar-denominated-and-valued investments.    Far better to own fertile farm land, precious metals (in your hand ... not in a safety deposit box nor with anyone but the actual (and physical) owner, various education skills (medical and mechanical engineering especially) ... and a large reserve of or access to potable water and long-shelf-life, highly-nutritious foodstuffs ... AND PERHAPS A FEW "MANUAL TOOLS" if the electric power grid goes down for a few days, weeks, months or years?     And when I mention "precious metals" I'm speaking of gold, silver and lead ... if you understand my meaning "between the lines" here.