My professional allegiance is to the client and to the tax laws alike.    Services I provide taxpayers are all generally dealt with on an old-fashioned face-to-face, hands on,  and also personal-service-oriented basis.    My firm is not a "refund mill" and I treat all clients as I hope they will treat me: Ethically and with complete honesty.

     Effective November 11, 2015 I will have provided tax services to some 42,000  individuals and  small businesses over 35 years' of time.   And ... my policy is that if I did the work and was paid, then I proactively defend it as needed.   



         While the federal tax code is very complex, I try always to "boil it down" and keep it all as simple as humanly possible for easier understanding by my clients.  

     My job is to help you, the taxpayer, avoid problems with the IRS while making efforts at the same time that you pay only the taxes the law requires of you.   I also pride myself in teaching others  how best to document valuable tax information in order to defend the figures and data on personal and/or small business tax returns.   This is my "job description" and I do it to the best of my ability for ethical taxpayers!

     Attorneys for the most part practice specialty law ... but just a few also deal with taxes.

      CPAs for the most part provide various accounting services ... but again, just a few also do deal with taxes.

     Enrolled Agents (EAs)  are duly skilled to deal specifically with tax matters ... and All EAs spEAk tax!     EAs are federally and fully authorized by IRS itself  to assist  taxpayers!    I most commonly and skillfully deal with:

<>Tax forms preparation

<>Taxpayer representation

<>Wealth retention consulting

... and I do so personally!  


Thomas Avery Blair, Enrolled Agent





The IRC is complex.   My job is to help you deal with your tax chores both ethically and lawfully. 

I spEAk tax!

(904) 628-0635

Bookkeeping Assistance 

A great chart of accounts makes book-keeping easier (we use QuickBooks Pro 2015).  

Federal & State Forms 

I use ProSeries tax software by Intuit to prepare all federal and state tax forms for individuals and for small businesses.   Mostly I prepare:

<>1040 series

<>1041 series

<>1065 series

<>1120 series

<>1120S series

<>Florida and Georgia (and other states returns as well, both for individuals and small businesses)  


Company Structure

You decide which legal and tax entity actually best-serves your own interests:  Your goals and needs are prioritized. 

Thomas Avery Blair, Enrolled Agent

Member of NAEA, GAEA, and NATP (and all three of these provide  IRC-related detailed research access and professional advice)