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Thomas Avery Blair, Enrolled Agent


1.   Immediately get you, the client, fully tax compliant with the IRS and then help you stay there as well.

2.  Setup, Startup, Operations, Payroll and Planning (including Custom-to-the-needs of the Client Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro 2015 format)  

3.     Small Business Legal and Tax Entity Type Options Consulting and Initiation with State of Florida, IRS, etc.

4.    Tax Preparation of Federal and Various State(s) Forms for

  • Amended Tax Returns (corrections of erroneous filings with IRS and/or the various states)
  • Amortizations and Lapse Schedules (of both Amortizations of Intangibles and/or Depreciations of Physical Business Assets) 
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Statements (IRS Audit Preparation, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger, etc. in QuickBooks Pro 2015 format)
  • Non-Profits and Not-For Profit Corporations
  • Single-Member and Multi-member Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and other legal and tax entities that must file Forms 1065 (including all types of Joint Ventures and Partnerships)
  • Regular "C" Corporations (my favorite of all legal and tax entities ... for good reason(s) ... just ask!)
  • S-corporations (my commonly-least-favorite legal and tax entity ... for good reason(s) ... just ask!)
  • Sole Proprietorships (including individual and also husband and wife situations)  
  • Established Trusts, etc.   (My associate Attorney Pamela J. Soule' is Florida-licensed and is also an Enrolled Agent in her own right ... she has a general practice and provides document setups for trusts, up to and including "Gun Trusts", revocable, non-revocable, and various other trusts and documents, plus succession agreements and terms.)  

5.     Taxpayer Representation before the IRS and the Various States in Behalf of the Taxpayer under Federally-Authorized Enrolled Agent IRS Credential #00087529-EA with the three administrative divisions of the IRS, namely Examinations, Collections, and Appeals.

6.     Wealth Management Services, on a wide variety of matters, up to and including

  • Tax Planning, Short-Term and Long-Term 
  • Workmen's Compensation Exemptions (in Florida)
  • Variety of Assistance in Matters Pertaining to Insurance - Investments - Rentals and/or Leases and/or  Purchases of Equipment, Real Estate, "Survival Silver" Acquisitions and Sales, Etc.

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